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Coutts, Jan

Jan Coutts Evening Leap
Evening Leap West Season
Oil, gold leaf and mixed media on Canvas
53cm x 73cm

Jan Coutts Karatu Cracked Earth
Karatu Cracked Earth
Oil, gold leaf and mixed media on Canvas
51cm x 76cm

Born in New Zealand, Jan moved to London in the early 90’s. She attended Camden Art School ~ print, The Royal College of Art ~ drawing and completed her degree in sculpture at St. Martins College in 1994.

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Jan Coutts Moonlight Canter
Moonlight Canter
Oil, gold leaf, silver leaf & mixed media on Canvas
69cm x 187cm


Jan Coutts Full Throttle
Full Throttle
Oil, gold leaf and mixed media on Canvas
80cm x 50cm

Jan Coutts Heat and Dust tryptich
Heat and Dust ~ Triptych
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
69cm x 81cm x 3



Jan Coutts Bounding
Bounding ~ Diptych
Oil and mixed media on Canvas
82cm x 94cm each canvas


Jan Coutts Zebra
Oil & Gold Leaf on Canvas
created for the Karen Taylor Gallery by Alien Monkey

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