Lorraine Thorne

Lorraine completed her BA in Art & Design at the University of Hertfordshire and then went on to The London College of Printing where she completed a Diploma in Creative Screen Printing.

Lorraine’s work is the result of her reactions to the landscape. Her objective is to retain the expressive power of the subject whilst focusing on the intense, abstract experience of colour. Each painting is individual and worked on over a considerable period of time, building up layers of gesso, texture and finally colour. After much working, each piece achieves a magic of its own.

"I paint onto a gesso ground, a surface which has been used for over 500 years. Its manipulative surface can be textured, engraved or polished to a marble- like finish. Once it is sealed I build layers of rich oil colour onto it.

The finished pieces are usually hung without framing as they already have rigid supports with 2” painted sides."