Kieran Crowder
Born in Yorkshire, Kieran graduated from the University of York in 1991. He spent a period in the armed forces where he saw service in the Falklands war. Since then, Kieran has pursued a part-time PhD in the School of Humanities at the Royal College of Art, London. His theses’ working title is ‘Art of the Extreme’, a critical study of the rhetoric of fine art in the post-modern era.

His work is governed by an acute perception of the relation between art and its public. The primary focus is on the inner experience of those who engage with it.

Kieran’s impasto technique combines traditional materials with highly innovative methods of application to produce finished pieces of originality and beauty. His pigments are mixed to his own unique and secret formula and rolled delicately from the brush to create the layers that make up the complete work, giving the canvas a wealth of texture and colour.

The resulting light reflecting surfaces give a unique dimension to his work, which tempts and teases the viewer to the point of wanting to touch the work as you would a sculpture.